Tuesday, March 31, 2009


last saturday, calli and i headed out to find a birthday present for brooke. i didn't find much for her, but i did stumble upon this jewel at tj maxx.

i am a sucker for a hair piece and couldn't wait to get out of the store and admire it. look how pretty it looks just laying on the table.

or just hanging out on a hook in the kitchen...

after reading the instructions we were all very excited to put the hairdo. in. even this girl. she didn't know how sad she was until jessica simpson and ken paves came into her life.

she almost doesn't look like the same girl. which made me start wondering what kind of beauties we would turn into with a simple click of the 7 stay in place clips...

gorg. it was one of the most stylish mullets i have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

calli loved the posibility of short hair. it was super fun to flip.

brooke felt like a new girl.

and i turned into rapunzel with curls. my dreams have been realized. my hair is getting dyed to match next week. then i will take it into the west texas wind.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

jump, jump

nothing says 7th grade like jumping on the trampoline. connar and i jumped our little hearts out today. jumping reminded me of some things i forgot like.....

i can make up an awesome tramp routine!

every time your feet leave the ground your toes should be pointed.

and finally....

i am in desperate need of a full support bra!

i know.

it makes me want to gouge my eyes out, too.

here are some pics of our fun in the sun....

book club fever...

tuesday night was our first official book club meeting. it was so fun...

Friday, March 20, 2009

spring break

i feel like i blinked and spring break is already over. i had plans to drive to canada and hit some of the states i haven't visited along the way. but instead, i went to colorful colorado to visit my grandparents.

here are some pics from our quick trip...

a farm minus animals

k thinks she is so funny

mimi and papa

k and papa watching tv

Thursday, March 19, 2009

welcome back spring...

it's the first day of spring. i'm celebrating by blogging. spring is my favorite season. the anticipation of summer is heavy in the air... the trees are blooming, the school year is ending, and short sleeves can come back into heavy rotation.

just knowing that summer is coming makes me feel like i can get all kinds of things done. which then leads to a lot of list making. making lists is one of my favorite things to do. the joy is in crossing things off. i make up things to do just so i can mark them off. i am currently compiling a list of things i want to do. not a bucket list, but more a list of conversation starters.

i'm stuck at 64 things.

  1. drive across America from coast to coast (preferably in an old rv with a u.s. map hand painted on the side)
  2. skydive
  3. send a message in a bottle
  4. go to rio for carnival
  5. go on a trip with no destination (so much for spring break...)
  6. visit all 7 continents
  7. go to mardi gras
  8. be totally debt free
  9. visit new york at christmas
  10. be a good cook (this is a stretch)
  11. celebrate dia de los muertos in mexico
  12. read the top 100 books of all time
  13. run a marathon (a half will also suffice)
  14. walk on the great wall of china
  15. get a masters
  16. learn another language
  17. become a certified scuba diver
  18. have an adventure in all 50 states
  19. sing karaoke
  20. hike the inca trail to macchu picchu
  21. visit easter island
  22. take a pilgrimage...alone
  23. spend the day fishing
  24. ride the scariest roller coaster known to man
  25. drive on the autobahn
  26. get into shape
  27. create a family tree
  28. learn to ski
  29. become a champion for a cause
  30. start my own crafting business
  31. sail
  32. win a contest
  33. join a belly dance company
  34. walk across hot coals
  35. do something completely uncharacteristic and not feel bad about it (this may be the most difficult)
  36. tell people what they mean to me
  37. live outside the u.s.
  38. learn and recall really funny jokes
  39. get a massage
  40. sleep outside
  41. keep a plant alive for a full year
  42. learn a skill
  43. own a home
  44. invest in retirement
  45. give up diet coke (i think pigs will fly first)
  46. learn to drive a standard
  47. get organized
  48. get veneers
  49. be in a musical
  50. go to graceland
  51. meet dolly parton
  52. learn to like tea
  53. eat organic food on a regular basis
  54. learn to love veggies
  55. have an adventure and live to tell the story
  56. write a children's book
  57. do a rainforest canopy walk
  58. go to the texas motor speedway as white trash
  59. commit to a community
  60. learn sign language
  61. learn to like wine
  62. read the whole bible
  63. keep up with friends
  64. say no to someone
my goal is to get at least 10 done a year. but then again, i've had this list saved on my computer for 2 years and haven't done a single one. hopefully, the weather will renew my efforts.

welcome back spring. i'm glad you're here!!!