Sunday, April 12, 2009

the big eed (easter egg drop)

school was out on friday. to celebrate we decided to celebrate with a local church that hosted an easter egg drop extravaganza. the promised food, bounce houses, eggs, and fun. when we arrived there were already 40,000 eggs laid out on lowery field.

and just about as many people. big crowds tend to make me nervous. so do free events. they tend to bring out my students. i love my kids from school, but i don't love to run into them.

be that as it may, kristen had been firing herself up for days. she was super excited.

this kid was not! i'm assuming that someone just broke the news that the easter bunny is only real in your heart. i felt the same way when i found out. i was just last year.

but then out of nowhere it got interesting... a helicopter came and dropped 10,000 more eggs.

dumping the eggs would have been the best job. talk about a self esteem boost. that guy had thousands of adoring fans. however, i am still wondering how the eggs didn't bust on the way down.
after all the eggs were ready to go they let the kids loose to hunt. this was our cue to head back up the field.

avery didn't get any eggs out of the mayhem, but luckily allison brought cascarones.

smashing eggs on each other was more fun than getting a jelly bean or two

after the easter egg hunt we ate hot dogs. there is nothing better than a picnic with hot dogs.

the great thing about traveling with the circus is that you draw in all kinds of new people. these girls loved kristen. this was right before they exchanged numbers and promised to be best friends forever.

ben and sawyer watched the whole thing unfold. ben was obviously offended that these new friends were not sharing their funyuns.

sawyer was just sitting back and assessing the situation. overall, it was a great day.

the thing i love most about easter (aside from my salvation) is the joy i get to spread. nothing makes people feel better about their day than a simple "hoppy easter". sure people look at you like you like they feel a tad bit sorry for you, but after a little practice it comes as second nature. so with no further ado...

Hoppy Easter Everyone!