Wednesday, July 8, 2009

day 38: great minds think alike...

i went on a mini solo vacation today to slaton.

slaton is only twelve miles from lubbock and honestly, it doesn't have much going for it. it's a town founded and "supported" by the railroad. the santa fe railroad to be exact.

which explains why a train engine sits in the town square...

i love that there is a fence around it like it's a shrine. i imagine it's there to keep people out, but that would mean there would have to be people to begin with. unfortunately, slaton is a ghost town. but while we're at it, couldn't anyone over 3 feet easily hop the fence?

a really weird thing about the slaton town square is that the majority of the buildings are triangular. maybe the town planners were excited by geometry...

anyway, they were glad that i was there...which i appreciated. however, i assume they love any in town activity.

while i was there i stopped at the one open shop on the square. one half of the building is an antique store. the other half is the slaton museum.

i found a fantastic vintage sunbeam mixer while i was there. it's in a great robin egg blue. it needed some love so it was excited to come home with me. i couldn't wait to get home and show it to momma lou.

the sunflower fields were starting to bloom on my way home. soon the fields will be covered in yellow.

sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers. i feel a real compulsion to pick them and skip around while wearing a gingham skirt and mary janes.

but since i've outgrown my mary janes, i thought that frolicking in the flowers would be the next best thing.

yes, i did set the timer on my camera and run into the field. judge it if you will, but it doesn't scare me one bit. in fact, i took more than one picture.

when i got home i was so excited to show momma lou my fantastic "new to me" mixer. turns out she had picked me up a little gift while she was out today, too. what are the chances....

they are the exact same. but, seriously, could they be any cuter?


  1. that is sooooo fantastic!! I LOVE that!

  2. no way, still would love to see the other one cleaned up :)....Fun pictures. Love you