Wednesday, July 22, 2009

day 52: taking a break

we are days deep into taking off wallpaper, knocking out cabinets, texturing walls, repairing ceilings, and painting...and we are tired. not to mention the fact that i am sore. the insides of my fingers are screaming for mercy, and if i didn't have two more rooms with wallpaper in them i would listen to their cries.

while we were waiting on the paint to dry we broke out into some spontaneous dancing. we had backward moonwalk races and spinning contests before everyone started doing their own thing. carly brought a bunch of cds for us to listen to while we were working. she is very proud of her ability to make a mixed cd. she loves it. she dreams about it at night, and if it wasn't illegal she would sell mixed cd's on the corner for extra money.

but that doesn't change the fact that dancing is not one of our genetic gifts. for that matter, neither is singing...


  1. ok i am loving this house on design sponge...
    is the gray in your room like this? i cant wait to see it!
    (and its going to say jeff but its really from me, though he cant wait to see the gray color either....)

  2. i love this. what i love more is to hear your wheezing laugh in the background. I miss you, let's meet in the middle somewhere....wanna?

  3. i vote for a new blog post!! i miss your fun take on life :)