Thursday, June 11, 2009

day 11, 12, 13, 14: uummm, caymans?

we loaded up this morning to head for the caymans. i was lucky enough to go with some of kristen's family. i had met some of them before, but we hadn't had a chance to hit it off. it could be because it was usually in passing or it could be because i am the most socially awkward person ever. seriously, i just took the social anxiety self test...and i passed. i felt like some of the questions apply to everyone though. for example, one of the questions you mind sweating in front of other people. well now that you mention it... yes, i do mind. drowned rat isn't my best look.

kristen's family is fantastic! but my favorite part was having an adjoining room with lindsey, heather, and mackenzie. it was so much fun...i just love them!!!

overall, it was a blast. nothing to be nervous about.

ps. these are heather's pictures. they are fantastic!

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