Monday, June 22, 2009

day 22: dancin feet

the turner house was full of dancing feet tonight. we have a wedding to go to this weekend, so we thought we'd practice so that we would look cool at the reception. we are faithful dancing with the stars watchers so we were thinking it couldn't be that hard to pull out some of their moves... well... that is just false. it's definitely harder than you think.

calli and jordan went first. they started with a little swing dancing.

the first try wasn't so smooth. calli ended up landing on her head, but being the born dancer that she is she didn't forget to point her toes.

the second try was a little better.

and by the third try she was smiling...

then carly and calli tried some cool new moves. calli's face is priceless.

she thought picking carly up would be a breeze. she didn't realize she isn't very strong.

but luckily carly is. she was able to pick herself off the ground.

i thought that i'd show calli how it was done. only i didn't account for carly landing on my sunburn...
or stella...

she just loves to be a part of the party.

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