Tuesday, June 2, 2009

day 2: happy half birthday to you

today kristen turned 27 and 1/2. we celebrated by eating the most delicious cupcakes known to man. lubbock has a new cupcake place that looks pretty unassuming from the outside, and truth be told, from the inside too. it's one of those places that you walk in and think... hey, for $2.75 a cupcake i could TOTALLY do this. and then you take a bite and wonder how they could possibly make them any better. the trick with these kind of places is they get you with all the cupcake flavor variety. on this particular tuesday, they had the diner (yellow cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles), red velvet, pina colada, triple chocolate, chocolate mint delight, and birthday cake.

yes, we did get 2 boxes full...

but these top ones were only bite sized. so technically they don't count. we could say they were for the kids...

but then she had to go and do this.
it was her half birthday after all.
and that red velvet made your toes curl.

sassy liked it too. only a few morsels didn't make it into her mouth. if she was older, she would lick the crumbs off her knees. it was that good. but the birthday cake was better. man alive. it was the best cupcake i have ever had.

after all the cupcakery we decided to hit the pool. who doesn't love to eat a lot and then flaunt it swimwear???

unfortunately, once we got into the water the storm clouds moved in. we barely had time to make it to the car before the rain and hail unleashed.

maybe it was a sign...


  1. am i really 27 1/2???? no way. that seems so old. am i really that old? wow. cant get over it. thanks for a fantastic half bday. loved every minute of it!!

  2. we really are that old....bummer