Tuesday, June 30, 2009

day 30: celebrate good times...

i have the greatest friends! we've known each other a long time. almost 10 years. it hasn't been a quiet 10 years either. a lot has happened... husbands, babies, other countries, other schools, moving, accidents, and lubbock.

i had no idea what i was getting into when i left the hub city to head to abilene to be a freshman at acu. i didn't have friends from the metroplex. i still wore vests, overalls, and sketchers because i thought they were cool. (yes, i cringe about the overalls and sketchers, but i really loved that vest. it was hot pink. AND it had a matching skirt that i might sill have...i'll never tell.)

kristen lived two doors down from me in the dorm. we were instant friends. i think we recognized the social anxiety and awkwardness in each other and hung on for dear life. allison, on the other hand, was a cool third floorer. she had a stop sign in her painted dorm room...she was the ultimate rebel. she helped me with a speech i had to make, ironically on fashion faux pas, and we've been friends ever since.

this year kristen and allison made me a sentence for my birthday. the words in the sentence were clues for the days activities. my sentence was "if you're feeling old with a darker shade of the blues, go home and engage in some cake by the pool." you can read more about it here. it was a fantastic day. i loved every minute of it. i'm so blessed, they are the truest of friends. i love being a part of their lives.

thank you guys for a fantastic birthday!

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