Thursday, June 25, 2009

day 25: sad thigs come in threes

we lost three greats today...



and pepper.

pepper marie louise turner was the most precious outside dog you have ever met. she looked a little ragged, but she was tough. she thought her job in life was to keep us safe. she barked when someone new was in the alley, she killed the crazy birds that came into her territory, and she loved us no matter what haircut we gave her.

we got pepper when i was in the sixth grade. she was in our family for 15 years...which is 105 in dog years. she had breast cancer and in the last few days she took a turn for the worse. unfortunately, we had to put her down today. my cousin, caleb, is a vet and was in town for the weekend so he was able to come to the house. carly stayed with her the whole time. i couldn't stand it, so i took off and we regathered at my aunt debby's house for the funeral.

it was one of the saddest days we have had around here in a long time, and it's going to be very different without her.

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