Sunday, June 7, 2009

day 7: could i hack it?

so, could i handle it? the short answer is no.

today we came home from church and i sat down to read the paper and stumbled onto my new favorite show...

I LOVE IT! people called "volunteers" sign up to hike 60 or so miles through alaksa in the winter. there is no prize, just a pat on the back and the satisfaction that you did it. they don't give you anything but a map. you carry everything on your back. you shoot what you eat. you don't bathe. it's crazy, but watching it makes you think that you could do it.

i couldn't though. i wouldn't eat porcupine, squirrel, or rats. i wouldn't hike miles in the knee deep snow with 80 pounds on my back. i would, however, complain the whole time... or die. whichever would work.

here is what the volunteers looked like...

the trick is... they are normal people. from all walks of life. 9 started but only 4 made it back to civilization. it's over now, but i can't wait until next season.

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