Tuesday, June 9, 2009

day 9: perks of lubbock

we went back to the cupcake place today. we couldn't resist the call anymore and allison hadn't been. that birthday cake one will change your life. it is oh, so good.

we just couldn't wait to tear into them. there are no tables, so we decided to sit outside the door to feed them to the kids...

then we decided to head to the pool. we picked aves up from school and headed there. ella got some new kicks that she wanted to show off as she checked out her surroundings...

we tried to swim, but the water was cold so everyone got out to have some cheetos...

we were having such a great time swimming and eating outside and then came the sheets of dust. it's a perk of living in lubbock. lubbock's weather will break your heart or drive you crazy. just when you think you're having fun. the sky turns brown, the temperature drops, and the wind blows like mad.

and when i say it blows... some people say it stinks too, but that's how you know a storm is coming. unfortunately, we had to just load up call it a day. i guess we'll try again tomorrow.

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